"Since making the decision to private label two years ago, and introducing BASCO to my clients, my revenue has skyrocketed! I'm feeling and so excited about what is happening with my business." – Kelly R.

Shannon Carter-gascon : founder/formulator

Shannon Carter-Gascon specializes in corrective skin care and has been a practicing esthetician since 2003.

Not satisfied with the quality or effectiveness of the acne skincare products available, Shannon decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2011, she formulated her first product. She sought out innovative chemists who had years of experience and collaborated on creating a non-pore clogging line that addressed both acne, and age-management.

Shannon owns and runs her own skin care clinic, Studio Abasi, where she and her team work daily with clients who have skin challenges such as; acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and corrective/preventative age management. Throughout her career, Shannon has enjoyed being a mentor and leader for guiding other skincare professionals.

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  •  "I’m highlighting the Hydrating Serum as my hero product for the next two weeks. This serum is one of a kind. Unlike many others on the market, this product contains a symphony of ingredients that do not simply mask dryness by coating the skin with a layer of hyaluronic acid, but instead actually helps remind the skin how to work better for itself while nourishing the layers below.

    – Veronique M.

  • "My accountant was shocked at what I made as a solo esthetician without any marketing. He is trying to get his daughter interested in becoming an esthetician. PL is definitely the way to go.

    – Semoney C.